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Spring Break Shape-Up

>> Thursday, February 28, 2013

I know we say we're back and then we're not and then we are.... Life is just really busy so I'm not sure if I'm back.   I go back and forth as to whether I want to post or not.  But, I need some fitness motivation and accountability, and I'm sure many of you do too.  So I thought I would start a little spring break shape-up plan.  It would be great if people want to post their own ideas and tips, either here or on the facebook page.  I am not trained in any aspect of human diet or health, so anything I post here is just something that is working for me or that I have read somewhere. 

I had a baby in July.  I've lost all the baby weight, but I'm still not in the shape I want to be.  We have 3 weeks until spring break, and I started trying to really tighten up my diet and exercise more.  I'm going to try to do 4 weeks of "spring break shape-up posts" here.  I'm not brave enough to post any before pictures or anything, but I will tell you what my goals are and how I'm doing.

I'll post my diet and exercise plans but if you are interested in participating you have to find what will work best for you.  That may not be what works for me.

So, I will post both of those soon.  For now, if you're interested in participating, here are your "assignments":

1- Set goals.  My goals used to be "lose xx pounds".  That's no longer effective for me.  Hydration status can make your weight fluctuate up to 4 pounds a day (according to my brother-in-law who has a BS in kinesiology and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy).  I am using inches.  I measured my waist, hips, left thigh, left arm, and left calf (some may want to add bust but number one I'm nursing and number two I'd prefer to keep every inch I can there).  I am not going to weigh myself at all, but I will remeasure every week. 

Although using inches is good for longer term goals, you honestly can't control how much you lose where and at what rate.  For that reason, I think it's good to have goals that you can control 100%-- such as "I will eat clean every day this week".  And try not to have too many goals.  I am guilty of making my goals too high and then I get discouraged when I couldn't exercise 5 times a week for 50 minutes.  I get super annoyed when I hear people say things like "There's no excuse for not exercising.  An hour a day 7 days a week is only such and such percent of your time".  As a mom, I know that any percentage is high, when you spend most of your time taking care of kids or cleaning the house or making lunches for the next day. (And in my case getting up 4-5 times a night still to nurse a baby).  So, I think exercise is really important but I know as moms we are already stretched to the max and sometimes sleep needs to win.  Overall, my personal opinion is that diet is about 70% and exercise is 30%.  So if you can only do one, focus on what you're eating.  That being said, I didn't watch much tv before, but I've given it almost completely up now that I've kicked up my exercise.  I DVR a couple of shows and watch them while I'm doing weight training but other than that I am making exercise a priority over tv and reading.

2- Decide on a tracking method- Keep track of everything you eat and all your exercise, including taking a walk with the kids.  I like the app Lose It.  Old fashioned paper is great too.  Just pick something that works for you.

3- Decide how much time you can devote-    For the next few weeks, I am going to try to do cardio 4 times a week for 45 minutes and do weights (at home) at least 3 times.  Honestly, that's alot for me and I am sure some laundry will slide.  Also, some of your time will be used for food prep so think about how many hours you can realistically devote.

4-Make an Inspiration Board-   You could cut out pictures/quotes from magazines and put them on some posterboard so you can hang it up in your exercise area.  You could also go digital (this is what I do and please someone destroy my phone if something happens to me so people don't wonder why I have so many photos of women's abs/thighs.)  Great online sources are pinterest, instagram, and Fitness Magazine's website.  Even google images.

5-Take a Before Picture-  Okay, I haven't done this.  It's painful.  You can hide it, but just take one and I promise I will too!

Is anyone willing to commit? You can do anything for 4 weeks (the goal is to turn this into a lifestyle of course, but a jump start does wonders! :))