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Paint, anyone!?

>> Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I love to do home improvement projects around the house.  In fact, I'm a DIY network junkie.  I LOVE that station!  And my 2nd favorite?  HGTV :)  My boys both know and love the "Man Store" and refer to our local home improvement stores by either the "Blue Man Store" or the "Orange Man Store".  Their favorite thing to do?  Ride the tractors (aka lawn mowers).

So, my most recent project has been a 4' x 4' wall hanging for in our living room.  I decided to change out a quilt I had made and hung in the living room almost 5 years ago.  Definitely time for a change.  (Photos and instructions to come on that project in a later's not quite finished yet!)

Anyway, I had purchased the 4' x 4' picture frame on Craigslist and there were a couple of scratches on the frame.  It was a black frame and I didn't have any black paint, so I decided that a sharpie marker would do the trick.  It worked great and I don't think anyone would notice it (though now, if you come over to my house, you will probably inspect it and see where I touched up!).

Anyway, after touching up the frame, I sat the marker down on the steps from our garage going into the house.  What was I thinking?  Did I have a moment of pregnancy brain and forget about the 2 mischievous little boys in my house?  Definitely.  Because a couple hours later, I went upstairs to check my email really quick and my 23 month old found the marker and decided to "color".  The hardest part of the ordeal?  He was so proud of his coloring and it made it hard to be mad.

Since I caught it right away, I thought I might be able to scrub it off with some all purpose cleaner or a Magic Eraser.  Neither worked, so I guess I have another painting project in my future!  For now, Ryan's artwork remains on the wall near the entrance to our house.

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