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>> Saturday, June 4, 2011

I hate being pregnant. I realize that I really shouldn't say this, but after all, this blog is called, "Diary of Regular Moms" so I'm just going to say it how I feel. I hate being pregnant. I am currently 31 weeks and 6 days pregnant...not that I'm really keeping track or anything. I guess I should back up and start at the beginning of the story.
I got married to my wonderful hubby in August of 2002. He basically "robbed the cradle", so we decided to wait several years before having kids. In January of 2004, I was diagnosed with late-
onset Type 1 Diabetes, which also put having a family on hold until I could get my blood sugar levels under control.

Well, in January of 2006 we decided that the timing was right to start our little family. However, I didn't realize at the time that I had PCOS and it would take just shy of 1 year to get pregnant. It was a long, tough year of just waiting and hoping and praying for a miracle. In September of 2007, we welcomed our first little guy, Tyler.

I think I truly enjoyed the first 10 weeks of being pregnant but then was miserable the rest of the time. I didn't have morning sickness; I didn't gain a huge amount of weight; I didn't really have any reason not to love it. But for some reason, I didn't.

Because it took so long for us to get pregnant the first time, we decided to just "see how things go" for baby #2. Before we got married, we always talked about how we wanted more than one child because a lot of the only children we knew grew up spoiled and lonely. Well, we welcomed our 2nd little guy, Ryan, in June of 2009; just 21 months after Tyler.
This pregnancy was worse because my progesterone levels were low during the first trimester, so in order to avoid a miscarriage, I had to take progesterone shots. Ugh. These shots rank high up on the list of things I hate. So, that started the pregnancy out on a rough foot. I told my husband that if I ever mentioned wanting to have another baby, just to remind me how much I hated those shots.

Well, after Ryan was about a year old, I got the "baby itch" once again. Somehow, I just didn't feel like the family was complete just yet. So, that brings us to baby #3 who is set to arrive on July 27, 2011. And once again, I was reminded about how much those progesterone shots hurt. Only this time around, it's a girl so I also had morning sickness (actually at night).

I realize that the baby growing inside of me is a miracle. I realize when this baby is kicking my bladder and pushing up under my ribs, it's really a good thing because that means she is growing. When I can't sleep because I can't get comfortable or my husband complains about my pregnancy snoring, it's really ok because it will soon be over. I get all that; but somehow I still hate it.

This is baby #3, so not only is my body tired from the previous pregnancies, but I now had TWO other kids to chase around every day. And let me tell you, my boys NEVER sit still! But you know, I really wouldn't trade a minute of it. As much as I hate the pregnancy process and everything it has done to my body, my diabetes, my sleep schedule; I wouldn't trade my kids for anything. But for now, the thing that keeps me going is the fact that I have only 53 days until my scheduled c-section....but who's counting?

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