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Kitchen Cabinet Knob Repaint

>> Sunday, July 3, 2011

My before and after picture here is really terrible so you probably can't even tell a difference.  Our builder grade cabinets had really, really shiny gold knobs that I hated.  Knowing we were moving and not really wanting to spend money on new ones, I decided to paint them.  I like them much better now.  They blend in alot more than the shiny gold ones.
So first I took all the knobs off.  Then I cleaned and dried them.  Then I lightly sanded them on all surfaces to allow the paint to adhere.  The spray paint I was using was a primer and paint in one.  Otherwise, I'd probably prime and then paint.  My spray paint also had a hammered texture.  So basically, the key with spray paint is just really light coats (I mean REALLY light) so that you don't get drips.  It takes time and patience but you can't rush spray painting.  I just tried to lightly coat all surfaces and allow to dry in between.  So lightly spray, dry, lightly spray again, dry, rotate or turn knob a little, repeat all over until all surfaces are covered.  Then wait about 24 hours before putting them back on the cabinets.  I haven't had any problem with flaking, but it's only been a couple of weeks.

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