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More Neighbor Gifts

>> Thursday, October 27, 2011

When Beth and I first decided to do a Christmas countdown, I thought it was a great idea and was so excited that I'd be able to get my gifts ready early.  But, like Beth, I lean towards food gifts for neighbors.  So I can't get those ready in October.  The recipients that would fall into the "neighbor" category for me would be bus drivers, teacher assistants, school secretaries and principals, some friends, some extended family members, and of course actual neighbors.  I am posting some ideas I've found online.  Please visit the link below to see details on how to make the gifts, recipes, and some really great blogs/websites!

Hot Chocolate Mix from

Fudge in an Ornament   This link takes you to Tip Junkie, and a post with several really cute ideas. 

Pretzels:  This idea comes from and again, if you follow the link you will find a bunch of great ideas.  Beth already featured one of them.  I like to make pretzel rods dipped in melted caramel and then rolled in mini chocolate chips, toffee pieces, and butterscotch chips.  They can then be drizzled in red colored white chocolate or coated with sprinkles for a more festive look.  You can usually find little pails like this at Target in the dollar section.

Pretzel Treats: Totally adorable and pretty inexpensive.  The link gives a detailed how-to.

Reindeer Food  Adorable

Peppermints  I love this packaging. 

cookie bags  A really cute way to package cookies

White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Sticks.  This may be my favorite because it is so simple yet so beautiful.  Love the packaging here as well.  I couldn't find the original source, but I think it's from Country Living.

For more ideas, simply go to and type "Neighbor Gifts".

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