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Teacher Gifts continued

>> Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today, I am showing you some links for teacher gifts I found.

First, howdoesshe has a super cute idea for a "12 days of Christmas" themed gift.  You have to check this one out  - it's adorable.
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This idea comes with a cute poem describing all the ways a teacher makes a difference.  Cute, touching, and inexpensive:

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This one is so beautiful.  If you have one special teacher to buy for (or you're a teacher yourself), I think this one is amazing.  The price is reasonable ($39), but higher than I can spend on a teacher's gift, especially since we have more than one.  But still, I really love this one.

love. inspire. teach. Product Image

This one from Modern Parents, Messy Kids isn't very "Christmasy" so you may want to modify it a little with some holiday looking additions.  I really love the saying on the bookmark, and the template to print it is available free at this link.

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