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Oh, crap. Literally.

>> Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I thought it was cute and
I didn't take photos that go along with the content of this post...for obvious reasons.

Lesley totally jinxed me with her post about poop last week!  I'm totally going to steal her disclaimer...If you are easily offended or disgusted by poop stories, then stop reading.

First, on Thursdays I work at a local church helping with childcare during the Ladies' Bible Study.  It's a great setup because we go for 2.5 hours every week, the boys get to play with other kids and different toys that we don't have at home, I get to go and spend the time with another lady in the room (watching kids, but we get to talk, too!), and I get paid.  Not much, but enough to cover the gas to get to/from and a little extra money for my home improvement fetish.  I also use this as part of my "not sending my 4 year old to pre-school plan" as they do a lesson, craft, games, snack and free play.

Anyway, Tyler was in the room with the older kids.  He loves his teachers, Miss Dee and Mrs. Macrina.  They are wonderful ladies, and I now love them even more.  Because at the end of the shift, I went to pick Tyler up from his room and they told me he had gone to a corner, pulled down his pants and pooped.  Um, really?!  This kid has been potty trained since March of 2010.  We haven't had any issues with pooping in his pants for over a year.  And to top it off, because he didn't have any toilet paper, he used his finger and wiped it on the wall.  Ugh.  The teachers were great and told me so I could have a talk with him about it.  I told my husband and he spoke with him when he got home from work.  I guess the reason why he did it was because they don't allow the kids to go to the bathroom by themselves (it's down the hall and through a couple sets of doors) and he didn't want to have someone go to the bathroom with him.

So then, the next day our puppy, who isn't really a puppy anymore because she is almost 1 year old, pooped on the couch.  WHAT?!  Fortunately, Ryan was there and started yelling right away, so I was able to put the dog out.  Thankfully we have a leather couch and so I was able to disinfect it right away.  Our dog is usually pretty good about not going in the house and typically only goes when I am busy and don't see her standing at the back door waiting to go out.  But she has never gone on the furniture before.  And hopefully never again.

And that same afternoon, Tyler pooped in the potty and then ran out and kissed baby Molly while she was sleeping.  Which is fine except he didn't wipe or put his underwear/pants back on and so he got poop on our chair.  SERIOUSLY?  Steve just happened to call right before I discovered this (and right after the dog pooping incident) and I told him I was going crazy.  Really, if I would have known that poop was in the "job description" for being a mom, I might have reconsidered :)

To top it all off, the next day Ryan (my 2 year old) complained about his belly hurting.  About 20 minutes later he had the most disgusting diaper I think I have ever changed.  I literally almost threw up while changing it.  I really think that we are going to do some potty training in the next few weeks.  With Tyler, Ryan and the dog!

Thanks, Lesley :)

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