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2012 Goals

>> Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!  I can't believe that 2012 is here already.  2011 was a good year for us as a family and I'm looking forward to what this new year has to bring!

Since it's now the new year with a new start, I thought I would post my goals for this next year.  I posted a while ago about how to go about goal setting.  To be a goal, it has to have 5 elements:

·  Be specific
·  Be measurable
·  Have a time limit
·  Be yours (aka, something you want to do, not something someone else wants you to do)
·  Be in writing

Personally, I have 5 different areas that I like to make goals for, so I thought I would share my goal for each area for 2012:

spiritual goal:  Read through the Bible in 90 Days, starting January 1 & ending March 31.  I did this in 2010 and it was the first time I had ever read through the entire Bible!

health/body goal:  Complete the Flying Pig 10k on Saturday, May 5 & the Little Miami Triathlon on Sunday, June 3.  I would also like to lose some of the baby weight I've accumulated over 3 pregnancies, but I'm going to focus more on being healthy than actual numbers on a scale.

financial goals: Complete Baby Step #3 by July 1 (fully funded emergency fund of 6 months expenses), start on Baby Steps #4 and 5 (investing for retirement and college funds for the kids).  We've been working the Dave Ramsey plan for a couple years now and excited to go to the next level and then start paying off the house!  My long-term goal is to have the house paid off before I'm 40, so we have a max of 12 years from now to get rid of the mortgage.

family goal: take a vacation!  This doesn't seem like a true "goal", but this will be the first year ever that Steve gets more than 1 week of vacation!  We have never taken an actual vacation with the kids (other than our trip to Louisville, but it was actually a work conference for Steve), so I'm excited to do some exploring with the kids!

business goal:  Limit bookings to no more than 7 wedding cakes for the year...I need more time with the kids!!!

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