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>> Friday, February 3, 2012

Since Beth is sharing her triathlon and 10K training journey, I thought these 2 apps that I use and like would be appropriate to share.

The first one is called "Lose It".  It is free and is basically a calorie tracker. I like it because it is super easy to use and being able to track calories on the go is very convenient.  I have also found that when I am forced to eat fast food (on a trip or something), I've been able to look up calorie info quickly through this app and it helps make a decision on what I can eat that wouldn't blow my whole daily calorie consumption. 

Second is an app Beth recommended to me last year called "Log Your Run".  This is basically just what it sounds like -- a way to record your route, time, and distance (and therefore pace) for your run or bike or walk.  I used it quite a bit last spring and summer.  I didn't want to pay for an app, and I will be the first to admit this one is not without its problems.  I found that when I ran on the bike trail near my house I often lost info -- it would tell me I'd gone 1 mile instead of 4.  I was always too preoccupied with running to notice it and problem solve, but I suspect it had more to do with phone reception than the app itself.  But just a warning in case you decide to try it.

Does anyone else have any favorite fitness or health apps they'd like to share -- free or not?

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