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Craigslist gets even more EXCITING!

>> Friday, February 24, 2012

If you've spent any time with me in the past 2 years, you probably know that I'm addicted to my iPod touch.  See, we don't have smart phones (well, really I do have a smart phone but it is stupid because we have Cincinnati Bell and I can have a smart phone without a data plan.  Which is what I have, and that means while I might look "cool" I can only get online when I have wi-fi access.  But getting online with my iPod touch is SO much easier.).  I just can't see the point in paying for a data plan when I have faster internet service at home.  And really, how many times have I NEEDED to have internet access while cruising down the road?  There have been a few times when I wished I had it, but never have I truly needed it.  Anyway, I love my iPod touch...I have just shy of 5800 songs, 30 audio books, 5 podcasts that I follow and 74 apps (of which I probably use about 25 all the time).

But I digress.  About a 10 days ago, my youngest son found my iPod on the nightstand next to my bed.  You see, I've been doing my "Bible in 90 Days" reading from the iPod ( app) and had been reading in bed the night before and placed in on the nightstand when I was finished.  So, Ryan found it and for some reason (I really don't know) it got dropped in the toilet.  Which, if you recall, I also dropped it in the toilet on Christmas day.  But this time, Ryan tried to turn it on.  While it was wet.  And water got inside it.  And it fried.  I've tried all the tricks but it seems that it's toast.

So, the past few days I've been scouring Craigslist and eBay and all the stores to see what deals might be out there.  I really wanted the same storage size (32g) but the newest version (4th gen).  I've emailed and texted probably 10 people over the last day or so and I'm currently watching about 10 more on eBay.  But I really wanted to get something locally because it's easier to fudge details or withhold information on eBay but with Craigslist you can check it out and make sure it's as described before paying.  So, tonight I got on the computer about 9pm and saw that a person in Lebanon posted one around 2:30 in the afternoon for a pretty good price.  I texted them to see if they still had it.  They did and said they could meet me tonight because they just needed the money asap.    

So, when I asked where they wanted to meet (not knowing if it was a guy or a girl or anything about the person), I was relieved when he suggested outside of the police station in our town.  Perfect.  Because if anything were to happen, the police were right there.  And it's also across the street from the fire department.  Not that I thought he would set me on fire, but there are extra people there :)

So, I got there, and he asked if we had an older iPod that we weren't using because he just wanted something to run with.  I said we did and went home to get it and meet back up with him.  So, I got there and gave him the old iPod (1st generation classic!), he took some money off the purchase price and it was a deal.  Until the police decided to check out what we were doing!

It makes sense, because why on earth would 2 people meet at 10:00 at night and exchange something?  Once we explained the story, it made sense to the police.  But for some reason there ended up being 3 cars there so it looked like a big deal.  They ran my id and the other guy didn't have his so they took his social.  Turned out he had a warrant in Butler county...something along the lines of failure to show up in court.  They said that since it was in a different county they didn't know the details, but they said it was a pretty big deal.  I guess he said he was drinking and he thought someone took care of his fines but obviously hadn't.  

Anyway, after that little detail was discovered, it took a little longer.  They ended up patting him down, checking his backpack and running the serial number on the iPod to make sure it wasn't stolen.  I had asked him before buying it and he had told me a convincing story, but after finding about warrants, I was really glad the police were able to check it out.  

Turns out, it's not stolen!  I've only had a few run-ins with the Lebanon Police (I had my identity stolen so I had to file a report once, and the other time we left our garage door open one night and they rang or doorbell to make sure nothing was stolen and to shut it), and I must say that every time they've been really great!  It's great to know that they are watching what is going on and spotted suspicious behavior.  

Although, I do not recommend purchasing something off of craigslist at 10pm at night and meeting across from the police station.  Maybe some other public place during daylight hours :)  I guess eBay maybe would have been a little easier this time?!

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