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>> Friday, March 23, 2012

Yikes!  I just realized that it's been a MONTH since my last post!  I've been busy, but not that busy!  We've been having some crazy weather here in Ohio...80+ degree days and it feels like summer!  We've been taking advantage of the nice, record-breaking temperatures and playing at the park, going to the zoo, and playing in the back yard.

There are two other reasons why I been lacking on posting for my triathlon and doing the Bible in 90 Days program (B90).  I completed my first race of the year earlier this month, and my training is pretty much on track.  I had to miss a couple runs because of a sprained ankle and some shin splints (from not doing a good transition from treadmill running to outdoor running).  But those are pretty much gone, so I've gotten into running 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week.

My B90 reading had actually been more difficult.  I have completed the program before, so I knew what it would take to finish, but it's been challenging.  To keep on schedule, it's pretty much 1 hour of reading every day.  So, as you can imagine, when you get behind it's really tough to catch up.  I was about a week behind at one point, but doubled up on my readings (2+ hours per day!) for a week and caught back up.  Right now I'm about 5 days behind, but the finish line is in sight.  March 31 is my scheduled completion date, so just another week of reading!  I see some more double reading days in my near future in order to finish up on time!

I've got lots of post ideas, so I'm hoping to get back into regular posting mode again.  But it might not start until March 31 :)

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