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Grocery Trip

>> Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So, the focus of our blog isn't to share coupons, grocery ads for the week, or anything along those lines. When Lesley and I met together to talk about our blog, we both agreed that there are plenty of other blogs out there that already do those things.  Our goal was to share real experiences from our lives, recipes that we've enjoyed and ways we have made our houses a "home".

As such, I have never shared about my grocery trips or how I use coupons (or not).  But this post is different.  I wanted to share a photo from a recent trip I made to the store.  I just went to pick up a couple things I needed for a cake and also wanted to check and see what they had as far as organic items.

So, I bought some Kale and grapes...neither of them are organic or new purchase for me, but I knew we would eat them.  The new stuff for us...Organic Whole Milk, Keifer fruit smoothie (not organic, but I've heard good things about Keifer), Sunflower oil and Organic coconut oil.  I was excited to find the coconut oil but it was really expensive!  I also bought some organic butter and I just realized i forgot to include it in the photo :(

The problem is that I'm new to buying organic items, so I really don't have a price reference on them.  I have no idea if $3.58 for a 1/2 gallon of organic milk is a good price, average price or on the higher end!  So, my next project is to create a spreadsheet that I can use to compare the non-sale prices on the new items I'm planning on purchasing.  That is what I did when I quit my day-job to stay home with my babies and it gave me a good reference to start learning what was a good deal on items that I was purchasing all the time.

And for breakfast, I had some Kashi cereal with Organic Soy milk.  Tyler wanted some as well and he thought it was yummy :)

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