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My husband does listen to me!

>> Thursday, April 11, 2013

I now have proof that my husband does, in fact, actually pay attention when I am talking to him! Here's the proof!

So, I've been gluten-free since just after Thanksgiving last year (just over 5 months) and started a Paleo diet in January of this year. I've been frustrated at the results, but I don't think it's the diet to blame. I think it's that my body just has so much healing to do that it is taking longer than I anticipated to start seeing some results. I have expressed this frustration to my husband several times but I never thought he was actually listening. I recently listened to a talk about going up all grains, sugars and bad fats. I've been pretty good not eating processed foods and gluten, but when I "cheat" on my diet, it's usually with some tortilla chips (grain and bad fats), candy (sugar!!), or sweet potato chips (cooked in vegetable oil). And then there's my diet soda addiction that I just haven't been able to kick (ugh!).  So, I was thinking that maybe I need to stop cheating in these areas and I might see more results.

We have all been a little sick the past week or so. We all have a cough, my husband's seasonal allergies are full-swing and I have my first-ever sinus infection. Fun times. So two nights ago my husband had a dream and he share it with me at dinner last night.

He is an electrician and was working at a job. The electrical inspectors showed up at the job site for an inspection and while they were there, they were talking to him about a continuing dedication class that they thought he should take. It was a one-day, 8 hour class about sugar and the affects on your body. The one inspector cut out sugar and lost 40-something pounds.

But it was more than that. My husband dreamt that sugar could conduct through metal (just like electricity) so if you touch some metal, you would ingest sugar and it would affect you just like as if you ate sugar. Weird. Like I said, he's not been feeling 100%. But the funny part is that he said he thought he had the dream because he was afraid that I was going to get rid of all of the sugar in the house. I think it is a real fear of his.

When I cut out dairy, I stopped buying milk (well, I still bought Almond Milk, but not cow's milk). When I went gluten-free, I stopped buying bread. Because if I have it in the house, chances are much higher that I will cave and eat it...especially at night after the kids go to bed.  So, I guess if I cut out sugar, I will have to give him some to keep as a secret stash!

March 16, 2013 outside US Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati

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