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Kids say the darndest things!

>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So, this past weekend, we went out of town for a family reunion.  Now, I don't mind going to family reunions, and this one was special because we got to see my husband's cousin.  Why is that special?  Because about a year ago he joined the Army.  After basic training, he was/is stationed in Fort Hood, TX and in July he will be shipping out to Iraq.  He doesn't have his exact deployment dates yet, but he does have some of his orders and he will be helping in "turning out the lights" to the Army operations over there.  Scary, but we know he will be in God's hands.

Anyway, this was my husband's father's side of the family reunion.  They are mainly from the Northern Ohio area, between Columbus and Cleveland.  I say this only because the area has a high concentration of Amish and Mennonite people.  The boys loved the last 30 minutes of the drive to get there because they got to see lots of horses, cows and other animals.  It was great because our DVD player decided to stop working and I was dreading the last part of the trip because that's when they have usually had enough.

So, this family reunion is held in a church's gymnasium and has a "business meeting" in which they read the minutes from last year's reunion as well as go over new family information, introduce everyone and their family, etc.  I'm not sure if this is normal because my side of the family doesn't do reunions, but it seems a little odd to me.

Needless to say, the kids didn't want to stay quiet during this portion of the reunion, so I ended up taking them outside to play.  The church is located right next to an Amish farm, so we were able to look at the horses, cows, sheep and watch them get the Clydesdale horses with a plow out.  The boys were in heaven!

While we were out there, the boys said a couple of priceless things and I wanted to share...

After watching the animals for a while, we visited the swing set on the church property.  The boys love to swing and could do it for hours.  While the boys are only 2 and 3.5 years old, they love to go as high as the swing set will allow, so they usually beg to "go higher, mommy!"  Usually this involves going "higher than the trees" or "higher than the sky", but this time my 2 year old wanted to go "higher than his shoes".   He had his legs sticking out in front of him, so going higher than his shoes was something he thought he could do :)

Also, while out on the swings, my almost 4 year old said, "I need more air!"  But this doesn't mean what you might think.  Nope, he's been saying this for the past couple weeks and after further investigating, I have found that it means he is thirsty.  The only connection I can find is that it means he wants some of my diet soda, which makes him burp.  So, while someone else might think that either he wants to be pushed higher on the swings or that I don't allow him enough air to breathe, it just means he wants some pop because he is thirsty and wants to burp!

And finally, after the reunion was over, we went out the door to say goodbye to the animals next door and to get our puppy.  The Amish boy who lived on the farm next door was at the fence watching everyone.  So, my almost 4 year old decided to go say hi.  I was fine with this...I've always been fascinated with the Amish/Mennonite community and I thought it would be neat for Tyler to talk with him.  But the first thing out of Tyler's mouth?  "Are you a cowboy?"  Seriously?!  He had a hat on, so Tyler thought he was a cowboy.  The little boy ended up not responding to Tyler's question and I tried to explain that the little boy was just wearing a hat but wasn't a cowboy.  Tyler didn't get it, though.  I'm hoping that the little boy spoke Dutch and didn't understand what Tyler asked :)

I love my boys and despite some of the embarrassing things they say, they do provide lots of laughs!

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