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Ok, So I jinxed myself yesterday!

>> Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I totally jinxed myself yesterday with the post about 911. Seriously...what was I thinking?

This morning, we were getting ready to leave for a fun filled day of collecting fossils with my local MOMS Club at Caesar Creek Lake. My parents have a ski boat, so I thought I would give them a call this morning to see if by any chance they would want to take their boat out on the lake after we were finished fossil hunting. Tyler has been talking the last few days about wanting to go out on "Grandma and Grumpa's big boat," and today was supposed to be HOT and I thought it would be fun.

Anywhoo, I called and my mom didn't answer. No big deal...she has a HUGE garden and this time of year she is outside so much that it's not usually a big deal. I shrugged it off and went upstairs to finish getting the kiddos dressed so we could leave on time today...unlike yesterday.

So, while I was finishing upstairs, the phone rang and Tyler (my 3 year old) ran downstairs to answer it. I heard him start talking and I headed down to finish packing our lunch. I asked him who he was talking to and he told me "Grumpa". He LOVES to talk on the phone, so I let him talk for a couple minutes. He told him how we had gotten a new TV (like in January, but for some reason he told him it was new) and how he liked to watch his videos. I also prompted him to ask if we could take out the boat today, and he got really excited and asked if we could take it out.

After a couple minutes, I was all packed and ready to go, so I took the phone away from him to talk and see if we might be able to figure something out for the afternoon. Unfortunately, much to my surprise, it was a 911 dispatcher on the line who then promptly chewed me out for letting my 3-year old talk on the phone for 4 minutes. Seriously, I understand that it's a waste of their time so I understand why he might be upset. But it's not like I just let my child call and talk to 911. My phone rang. I heard my child answer the phone. He heard me ask who he was talking to and he heard my son's reply. My child was not unattended.

So, after I apologized and chewed Tyler out for calling someone on my phone, I checked the call history. Sure enough, my mom had called but Tyler evidently got to the phone a few seconds after the call went to voice mail. Even though my phone automatically locks, you are still able to call out on emergency lines. He dialed 1-1-2, which is a cell phone emergency number and automatically unlocks a cell phone so you can get help. He did this so quickly though that I didn't even realize that it wasn't my mom or dad on the phone.

Once again, proving that no matter how much you watch your kid, they will do things right under your nose. Oh, boy...can't wait until he is a teenager.

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