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Summer Fun

>> Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm pretty convinced I am the awesomest of all people. Awesomest, is that a word? I know you're skeptical. "pfft. What makes her think she's so awesome". I can hear you thinking it. Well. let me tell you.

This morning, I stood outside and talked to the man from the landscaping company who was here to spray our lawn for about 10-15 minutes. As he walked away, I realized my zipper was wide open. In a there's-no-way-he-didn't-notice way. Pretty awesome right? Not enough?

Last week we went to meet with our architect to finalize some house plans. As I backed out of his driveway I killed a large percentage of his plants and flowers with my tires. As he watched. Still not enough?

What about my ability to make an idiot out of myself in all awkward situations because I can't keep my mouth shut? Silence makes me nervous and I find myself saying really dumb things. Like in college when I, the pre-vet major who grew up on a farm, was suprised to see a neighbor's boyfriend with his dog in our shared yard. I made the most brilliant comment of all time. "Nice dog. He has really big ears. I bet he can hear really well." You have to admit, that one is pretty awesome.

I have so many more, but I'll save those. I have to save some shred of dignity.

Seriously though, I try to be a fun mom and here are a couple of ideas for summer fun we've incorporated recently. First, my 3 year old is obsessed with car washes. He is constantly begging us to drive by them and through them. He talks about them all the time and has all the car washes in a 15 mile radius scoped out. So I asked my husband to make him a mini car wash with some PVC pipe. My idea was to get some pipe, drill holes in it, put the garden hose in one end somehow, and hang it up. As always, his idea was better than mine and this is what he built. The kids both love it.

Second, I made some watermelon popsicles this week that the kids loved. I thought they were good, but of course I couldn't make them look as pretty as they did in the picture I originally saw. I am a good cook, but I can't make food look pretty. I would decrease or eliminate the sugar in the jello next time though. Jello is sweet enough; I don't think it needs more sugar.

Click here for watermelon pops recipe from Kraft Foods.

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