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>> Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a blog addict.  I'll admit it.  Most of you reading this blog probably follow a couple blogs written by a few friends (mine is one, I hope!) and maybe a few mom blogs or coupon blogs.  Well, I currently subscribe to 71 different blogs on my Google Reader.  Yep, 71.  And at this moment, I have 292 blog posts that I would like to read.

To start with, I organize my blogs into several different categories.  Here are the categories I have:

Personal:  These blogs are all personal friends and family.  I won't share most of the links I have in this category because most of the followers of these blogs are just their friends and family, but I do have one I would like to share.  I used to work at the National MS Society (my first full-time job out of college, actually!) with Emily.  Her cousin, Jenny worked there right before I got there as well.  These two wonderful ladies started a blog and it's actually the first blog I started following (thanks, for starting the addiction, ladies!).  Anyway, they have a good mix of mom posts, recipes, deals, and product reviews.

Cakes:  My home-business is cake decorating (Eat Cake!, though I'm currently taking a break due to pregnancy issues and then giving myself time to adjust to 3 kiddos) cakes and special occasion cakes.  I subscribe to 22 different blogs in this category.  Some bloggers post tutorials, some post recipes and some just post photos of their amazing work!  Here are some of my favorites in this category:

Cooking & Baking:  This category sometimes overlaps with the "Cake" category, but I try to stick blogs in here that do more with making meals and other dessert type items (not cakes).  I get a lot of inspiration for making meals from these blogs!  Here are some of my top blogs in this category:

Deals:  I will definitely have posts in the future on this topic, but I must say that I.heart.Dave.Ramsey!  We have been on the Dave Ramsey plan for about 3 years now and it has helped us out so much!  Some of the blogs that I follow have been key in helping to cut the food and grocery shopping area of our budget!

House & Organizing:  This is another one of my big categories, with 23 different blogs that I follow!  After cake decorating, my second favorite "free time" activity of choice is small home improvement projects, crafts and looking at pretty house pictures.

So, that's a list of my favorites.  Do you have any favorite blogs that you would like to share?  I'm always looking for new ideas!

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