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I'm OLD!

>> Friday, July 15, 2011

So, this year, my husband and I will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary.  Despite the fact that this is LONG time, I'm relatively young still.  At least, I think so.  I met my husband just before I turned 17 and we married just after I turned 19.  Young, yes.  In love, yes.  And still going.

Anyway, my birthday is at the end of May and his was just this week.  He is several years older than me, so I typically tease him about being an "old man", but this year his friends seemed to take over that position so I'm just laying low until he turns 40 :)

But then today, I found out I've either been pranked or put on a random mailing list.  You see, I received a membership card for the AARP.  So, if you added the numbers together above, you would realize that I just turned 28.  What I would consider a LONG WAY FROM 50!  My parents are barely even old enough to be card carrying members.

And to top it off, it came to my parents address...where I haven't lived for 10 years and came in my maiden name.  The info says I have until 8/15/11 to respond by...guess I have some things to think over before then.  Meanwhile, my mom will continue to laugh and I'm sure it will make my husband feel a little better about all the old man jokes he got this past week.

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