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Random Products I Love

>> Thursday, July 14, 2011

I wanted to share a few products I love!

Coconut milk-  I don't drink this plain (I don't drink any milk plain), but I love it in smoothies.  I make protein shakes for breakfast and I love coconut milk in them.  I also make the banana cherry "ice cream" I posted about earlier with it.  It's great in any smoothie or in iced coffee too!

These bars.  I like Fiber One bars too, but this particular flavor of this brand tastes like a Girl Scouts Samoa to me.
SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 gel.  I love everything I've tried from SkinCeuticals.  I had a facial a couple of years ago and the aesthetician had worked for a dermatologist for years and was a big fan of this line.  She introduced me to this product and it is amazing.  I hadn't been using it until recently because it's pretty expensive ($55 for this size), but I see a huge difference with it.  It feels so soft and it contains hyaluronic acid, which is found in your joints and it helps bind moisture to your skin.  I use it as a moisturizer but it also can be used under your moisturizer to increase the effectiveness of the moisturizer.  It really minimizes lines for me.I buy mine through
my Keurig.  Again, not cheap but I love my coffee!
 L'Oreal Lash Boosting Serum.  I've used this for about 3 weeks.  You're supposed to use it twice daily but I only remember once.  I do see a difference in the length of my eyelashes, which are super puny!! (Boys always get the best eyelashes).  For $7 I think it's a great buy.

Clif Mojo Bars:  These are with the energy bars in my grocery store.  They are about a dollar each, so I don't eat them very often.  They're great to keep in your purse.  They are about 200 calories, depending on the flavor.
And I've saved the strangest for last - chia seeds.  I read a book called Born to Run which talked about a tribe of long distance runners in Mexico.  They ate alot of chia seeds for energy, so I was very intrigued.  I feel like I am always lacking in the energy department, unlike my friend Beth!  As I researched them a little more I found out that they are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.  They also form a gel in water, so they are great to fill you up!  If you are hard core (I am not!) you can mix them in with your water.  The taste is like a sesame seed, which I don't mind.  But the gel-like texture when mixed with the water is a little gross to me.  So I like to mix mine in with my  yogurt or protein shake and eat them before they turn into a gel!  A serving (a tablespoon) is 80 calories.  I do think they give me more energy and make me fuller.  I can't remember the price, but I got this bag at The Vitamin Shoppe and it was less than $10.

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