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Three Favorite Websites

>> Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm sure at this point, you all think I do nothing but spend time on the Internet.  Not true, but after the kids go to sleep I do always spend at least an hour, sometimes two.  I've heard people say "what in the world could he/she possibly be doing on the internet?", but for me it's more of a "I can't go to bed because there is so much to see".  I've already talked about how much I love pinterest, and I spend lots of time looking at recipes and cooking websites.  I also sometimes read blogs about parenting, decorating, and photography.  I have way too many favorite blogs and websites to share, but I thought I'd showcase 3. 

First, google reader.  We've mentioned this one before.  Beth and I both use google reader.  It is just a way to keep all of the blogs you read in one central place and see new posts to those blogs without going to each individual website and checking.  You set up a google reader account/page and then add subscriptions (website or blog addresses) to it.  After that you log in and read new posts.  Here's what it looks like.  Make sure you add our blog!! :)

Another website I've been spending lots of time on is  This is a website with tons of different home pictures.  Very useful for me right now, as we are planning on breaking ground on our new house within the next couple of weeks.  I am decorating challenged, so I've been saving all kinds of pictures to pinterest from this website.

And finally, this one isn't so much a favorite website as something I think all moms should be introduced to.  It is The Flylady.  In a nutshell, this is one woman who has a method of cleaning her house that she shares on her website.  The website itself is, in my opinion, a little hard to navigate and understand.  But the method is great.  She has certain chores she does daily, some she does weekly, and some she does monthly.  I think her method needs to be adjusted to your own needs (I'm not really into her "shine your sink" idea), but if you take the time to read her strategies I think it can really help you develop your own system.

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