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Translation, please!

>> Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tyler (our almost 4 year old) has been saying some funny things lately and I thought I would put them down along with the translation to help us remember them.  Oh, and just in case you ever need help translating what a 2 or 3 year old is saying, this list might come in handy for you as well....

Said to daddy: "Are your tail noses pink?"
Translation: "Are you toe nails pink?" because he just watched me paint my toes.

Said to mommy: "Can you see my crack butt?"
Translation: "Can you see my butt crack?" because he has no butt and I have to constantly tell him to pull his pants up.

Said to both of us:  "Can we go to the yellow eater?"
Translation: "Can we eat lunch at Subway?" because there is a subway on our way to church and he decided he wanted to eat there for some reason.

Said in the car: "I want to eat at the circle res-er-naught"
Translation: "I want to eat at Burger King" because obviously BK is the only place with a circle logo.

Said to his brother: "I'm a yogurt!"
Translation: "I'm an Ogre" because he just watched a Shrek video :)

Said to anyone who will listen:  "I farted on my tongue!" while giggling...
Translation: "I burped" and because he's a boy, this is absolutely hilarious :)

Said to daddy: "I wanna play wee-wee."
Translation: "I want to play wii" but pretty embarrassing when he says this in public!

Said in the car: "I want to go to candyland."
Translation: "I want to go to Kings Island" because we drive by it on the way to the doctors appointments.

Said to both of us: "Nylart"
Us: "Tyler, what does nylart mean?"
Tyler: "Boinkies and Roxie Rocks"
Translation:  Who knows!

I love this kid!  He constantly makes life interesting!

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