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Funny Things My Kids Say

>> Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm sure some of you already do this, so this is more of a reminder than a great tip!

I have a little journal I keep of "funny things the kids say".  I am not always good about updating it, but every time I pick it up to read back through it I am so glad for the things I have recorded.  It's so funny to read things they've said and also interesting to look back and see different aspects of their personalities that have been consistent or those that have developed with time.

I encourage you to keep one of these journals.  It doesn't need to be fancy at all.

Here are a couple of random entries from mine:

When my son was 3 (now 7):
We saw a truck on the  highway with a heart on the side and my son said "Mom, that truck must be hauling love because there's a heart on the side"

When he was 5:
Runs out of the bathroom, excited.  "MOM, finally!!! My first armpit hair!"

Out of his shampoo so he uses his dad's.  Tells me afterwards, "Mom, I'm going to use this shampoo for the rest of my life."  Me: "why?  Because it smells good?"  Him: "No.  Just makes me feel like more of a man."

As you can see, none of this stuff is any different than what any other kid says.  Not hysterical to anyone.  But to me it's priceless. 

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