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Library Reading Program

>> Thursday, August 4, 2011

One of my favorite things to do with the boys each summer is to participate in our local Library's reading program.  They do a wonderful job of putting this together each year, and it's so much fun to participate in.

Some details...they have a different theme each year.  This year's theme was "Reading Rocks" as in rock'n'roll.  They have to read 20 books to complete the program.  All of the books have to be checked out from the library during the reading program (i.e. you can't just read books you already have at home).  They give you a prize for every 5 books you read and then give you the grand prize at 20 books.  This year, the prizes were a pad of paper and a pencil for reading 5 books, a poster for reading 10 books, and a water bottle for reading 15 books.   The grand prize is always a t-shirt and is given when you turn in your completed paper at 20 books.

This year, we celebrated the completion of the reading program with a photo shoot in their entryway.  They provided a themed backdrop and a couple of blow-up guitars to help!

Sorry about the sound in the video...the acoustics in this area are terrible for videos!  But they had so much fun celebrating, I wanted to share!

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