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Road Trip Cards

>> Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend!  I can't believe it is here already, although we've been in school for 2 and a half weeks so it shouldn't be that surprising.  Lots of families (ours included) take trips over the holiday weekend, so I thought I'd share these cards I made for my son's preschool class last year.

There are 4 cards per sheet, since I was doing this for multiple kids.  I printed each page in color on an 8.5x11 sheet of white cardstock since it's thicker than regular printing paper.  Then I cut them into fourths, pasted them back to back (one of each kind and then you'll have 1 by itself if you print all five), laminated them (I have a laminating machine but they also make the laminating pouches that don't require a machine.  If you want to skip this step, you'll just be able to use the sheets once), and punched a hole in the corner.  Then I tied them together through the hole with a little ribbon and added a small dry erase marker that I also tied onto the ribbon.  This makes a cute little car game for the kids.

It's by no means professional quality, but  my kids didn't seem to mind.  Please let me know if there are any problems with downloading these.  Below are the pictures to show you what they look like; use the link to google docs below to download them.  The pictures are easy for really young kids; a couple of the others are better for 5-8 or would still be good for younger with some parent explanation/help.

Travel and Play Cards 1
Travel and Play Cards 2
Travel and Play Cards 3
Travel and Play Cards 4
Travel and Play Cards 5

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