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>> Friday, March 30, 2012

So, last night I completed the Bible in 90 Days program (B90)!  The actual finish day was Saturday, so I finished 2 days early...well, actually only one day, because by the time I was done, it was 12:08am.

I did this entire reading program (except about a week) on my iPod touch using the bible app.  It had the reading program already in the "reading plans" section, so it really helped me keep on track.  The only reason why I didn't do the entire program on it was because my 2nd son decided to throw my iPod in the toilet and I was without one for about a week :)

Anyway, this was my 2nd time completing the program and I learned some new things along the way this time:
  1. For some reason, it was much more difficult to complete this time.  I think I tried to take on too much with my reading plan, training plan, trying to juggle 3 kids, Lent, and working my home-based bakery.
  2. Most of the days, I actually got things from my reading.  There were days were I was reading just to mark it off the list, but I really tried to read at times where my comprehension was better and my attention span could be kept (i.e. not trying to read while the kids were awake and constantly interrupting or needing attention).
  3. I did try and read some times while the kids were awake, though.  I wanted them to see me reading and to ask questions about it.  I even read a little out loud to them.
  4. I still don't like Chronicles.
  5. It's great to be finished! I will probably take the next week off from reading just because my schedule has piled up and I really need to concentrate on getting back on my training plan, but I'm looking for a study to start or just a book to start reading.

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